24/7 Monitoring

Secret Cop monitors your website constantly for any changes that occur. If a hack does occur you can act immediately.


SEO Spam Detection

If your website is hacked, you may not even know about it. Some attacks can result in no visual changes but your online ranking could be severely affected due to SEO Spam breaking the search engine promotion rules and guidelines. Also, metadata and descriptions can be changed which will not match up to the current indexed version of your page. Both will result in penalisation from ranking algorithms such as Google Penguin. We make sure that any illicit activity is immediately detected and it will be reported.

Broken Links

If broken links appear on your website it can stop search engine crawlers appearing on your website and indexing it negatively affecting online ranking. The sight of an error 404 site will also turn users away and you risk losing them on to a competitor’s site as they move on to access the information they require.

External Links

It will be reported if any unauthorised links appear on your site without your permission. For example, imagine a competitor hacked your website and put a link to their own website on your “buy now” button. Your customers would be relocated to their website and you would lose out on a sale. Safe Cop will ensure you will report if any behaviour like this occurs.

Email Disclosure

If any email addresses are on your website, hackers can send bots to spam any of those addresses’ inboxes. It will be reported which email addresses have been affected and which need to be hidden.

Javascript Audit

Your website could have numerous Javascripts that make the site run. If any changes are made, irrespective of whether you made the change or if a hacker did, these alterations will be reported.

IP Address Leaks

Secret Cop will list the IP addresses found throughout your website. Similar to the JavaScript audit, any new IP addresses found on the site at any time will be reported.

Get notified about issues straight away.

We keep you in the loop when things don’t look right, so you can be vigilant against attacks and security vulnerabilities

Having your website down for just one day can cost you thousands of pounds. Don’t lose out on business with Secret Cop!

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